3D ECHO 360° 2017 European Edition (ALL COURSES) - BASIC & ADVANCED 3D ECHO TRACKS

3D Echo 360® is the world’s largest meeting exclusively devoted to 3D echocardiography.

The aim of 3D Echo 360° is to create an exciting international forum, in which clinicians, scientists and engineers can present their experience and discuss the latest technological advances, software solutions, as well as the newest

evidence regarding research and clinical applications on 3D echocardiography. 2017 3D ECHO 360° European Edition theme is “Implementing 3D echocardiography to improve clinical practice”.

BASIC 3D ECHO 360° TRACK 2017: How to post-process 3D data sets to obtain clinically meaningful information

The Basic Track - practical and case-based, in which experts will demonstrate how to use the different software packages available on the market to postprocess 3D echocardiography data sets in order to obtain new data and improve our understanding of the anatomy of cardiac structures and the pathophysiology of cardiac conditions. This track will be particularly useful for those who want to understand the added clinical value of 3D over conventional echocardiography in different clinical scenarios and/or are at the beginning of their experience with 3D echocardiography.

ADVANCED 3D ECHO 360° TRACK: 3D echo to improve our understanding of the pathophysiology of cardiac conditions and guide interventional procedures

The Advanced Track - more scientific, research and clinically oriented, dedicated for those who practice and have experience in 3D echocardiography. You will have be the opportunity to see the latest technical and software advances of the technique, to learn with the masters how to effectively implement 3D echocardiography and overcome the challenges of its routine clinical use, to share with the other experts the tips and tricks on how to use 3D echocardiography to plan and monitor interventional procedures.



An overview about clinical application of fusion imaging, 3D printing and virtual/augmented reality techniques applied to 3D echocardiography and the merging techniques for fully automated segmentation and quantitation of 3D data sets

THE TRICUSPID VALVE. Not anymore a forgotten valve

How to assess tricuspid valve morphology, measure tricuspid annulus size and function, and limitations of conventional 2D and Doppler echocardiography to estimate severity of regurgitation. Both functional and organic tricuspid regurgitation are covered as well as the use of echo to monitor new interventional, transcatheter procedures.


State of the art 3D echocardiography. From the physics of 3D echocardiography to the most advanced applications in the catheterization laboratory and in the operating room.